Termina el verano y los roedores ya lo saben, DESCUENTOS en artículos para el control de roedores


1. At Comercial Mida, very competitive prices are achieved because we make important purchases of merchandise, putting it on the market with a moderate profit margin.
2. Here not everything goes. Providing good service and customer care is a priority, the important thing is the customer.
3. Our shipping costs are EXCLUSIVELY intended for shipping, without abusive or additional charges to cheapen the product.
4. All shipments processed from this website are certified, forget about theft or loss, you will always receive your order.
5. Our phone is NOT a"902"so if any incident arises you can communicate with us economically with personalized attention.
6. We intend to obtain long-term customers, so we try to make our treatment exceptional and our product quality.
7. In the processing of orders we can make mistakes, but we will correct them as soon as possible and providing an exquisite service.
8. We are a company that is taxed in Spain , with a modest website and the limitations that this implies , but which allows us to offer a better price .
9. The trust of our customers has helped us to be a Power Seller on Ebay and exceptionally valued on Amazon.
10. We know what it is to buy through the Internet, so we try that after purchasing the product you are aware of the situation of the same before its delivery.