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In the year 2018 CM Stores & Innovative Business S.L.U acquires the rights to Comercial Mida, a small farm shop located in the town of Taboada (Lugo). This establishment owned a storeon-lineand a small local from where face-to-face sales were made and in turn the orders received through its website were prepared.

The physical location of Comercial Mida dated from the end of the eighties, however its storeon-linewas created in 2015 as a complement to the face-to-face sales of the brand. During the period 2015-2018, the date on which Comercial Mida was acquired by CM Stores & Innovative Business S.L.U.,www.comercialmida.es is consolidated as a promising initiativee-commercethat as well as on your own website,operates on multiple platformsmarketplace, which makes it gradually become a benchmark of the agricultural supermarket indisputable for ratings and service. Currently, our farm store has more than 5,000 references of products from leading brands in garden care, home care, livestock, production animals and pet supplies.

After the acquisition of the aforementioned brand, CM Stores & Innovative Business S.L.U. project development begins ComercialMida.es consisting of the enhancement of the already existingonline farm shop through a significant expansion of the catalog and a new opening of markets. As a result of this, currently ComercialMida.es it is sales leader through the internet and appears as one of the website reference of the sector in thee-commercenational.

Finally, CM Stores & Innovative Business S.L.U., within its business plan, has a project to createphysical agrostores called "Comercial Mida Agrotiendas" whose main objective is to settle in strategic locations where the buyer can go as a reference center and purchase items of interest within a wide range of products. With this last measure, the aim is to achieve a full omnichannel approach, based on a robust e-commerce project together with a powerful network of professional stores.

We hope that the information provided has been to your liking and helps you get to know us a little better. If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

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