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Fertilizer Nails FLOWER Special Coloring for Poinsettias

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by Flower
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The fertilizer in nails for Flower Poinsettias is a type of fertilizer compacted designed to nourish this plant, also known as Poinsettia . The application of this element ensures that the flowers are nourished for 30 days s, enhancing its coloration and providing it with the nutrients it needs for proper development. This plant has the peculiarity that the bracts, false leaves, are irregularly colored (reddish, pink and white) and develop at the end of the branches. The true flowers are small and yellow in color. It is very common for this plant to lose the reddish color of its leaves, so it is necessary to add Essential elements for good development and maintenance. Thanks to the components of the cloves, they nourish the plant with a Balanced NPK , encouraging the generation of new colored parts and leaves. With this fertilizer, the plant filled with vitality and better tolerates temperature changes. The presentation in nails facilitates the application: it is enough to place a nail at a certain depth.

The best nail fertilizer for a good coloration of Poinsettias or Easter Flowers, from Flower

The Poinsettia is a plant that appreciates a fairly wide range of temperatures, between 14 and 22ºC . Sudden changes in temperature, such as frost in winter or excessive heat in summer, should be avoided. For its good maintenance, the fertilizers of slow release . The application of foliar fertilizers should be avoided when the bracts begin to turn colour.


Fertilizer in the form of nails to fertilize the Poinsettia or Poinsettia and thus guarantee its good development and flowering. Provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.


  • Compost in the form of nails.
  • Completely natural.
  • It generates new bracts (colored parts).
  • Nourishes the plant with a balanced NPK.
  • Generate new sheets.
  • Power flowering.
  • Strengthens from the roots and stem to the leaves.
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Respectful with the environment and animals.

    ¿What is the application schedule and how to use the fertilizer in the form of nails for Poinsettias?

    It is recommended to apply the product at least once a month. The recommended time for its essential use is during the months of December, January and February.


    • 1 nail, for a 10 cm pot.
    • 2-3 nails, for a 15 cm pot.
    • 4 or more, for a 20 cm pot.


      • Do not eat.
      • Keep out of the reach of children.
      • For conservation, store the product in a dry and cool place.


      NPK fertilizer, with iron.


      Blister of 5 Units. EAN 8426584108390.

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